Jefferson County, Alabama



Contact Information
Phone: (205) 325-5174
What You Should Do 
This office encourages all citizens to be aware of things that they can do to improve Addressing in Jefferson County:
    • If you are aware of an incorrect address, please contact your local postal delivery and encourage them to report the problem to this office. 
    • If you have been assigned a new address and are not currently using it, please stop using the old address. 
    • Post your number conspicuously. This office recommends at least four (4) inch high reflective numbers be placed on both your mailbox and the house to aid persons in finding your home.
    • Have your personal correspondence changed to the new number. 
    • Check with your Utilities and the Tax Assessor. New addresses issued by this office have been sent to utilities and emergency services in your area but verify that your mailing or account address (as opposed to the site or service address) has also changed for your utility accounts.

Who Handles MY Address
How Addresses are Assigned
New Addresses
Address Changes
Address Discrepancy Form
The Addressing Ordinance
Road Name Change Petition
Street Markers for Private Roads
Jefferson County Web Map (includes zoning)
CAPture - Citizen Access Portal (parcel information)

Address Verification Documentation
If you need documentation of an address or an address change, this office can produce a verification letter for addresses in the unincorporated areas of Jefferson County and any of the cities this office has jurisdiction over (see Who Handles My Address above for cities we DO NOT address). Please contact this office at (205) 325-5174 for more information and to order a certification letter. There is a $10 fee for this documentation.