Jefferson County, Alabama

Adolescent Substance Abuse Program


General Information
The Adolescent Substance Abuse Program is a collaborative effort between the UAB Department of Psychiatry, Substance Abuse Programs and the Jefferson County Family Court. The purpose of ASAP is to provide substance abuse screening and "triage" for all juveniles placed under the supervision of the Court. A positive drug screen (either upon admission into the program or in the Juvenile Detention Center), a drug related crime and/or admission of recent use will result in program placement. All participants are placed on random urinalysis and then assigned the program component most appropriate for their level of involvement (prevention/education, outpatient treatment, or inpatient treatment). The philosophy of ASAP is that the least intrusive intervention should be employed.

Working closely with ASAP are UAB Beacon Addiction Treatment Center (outpatient drug treatment); Drug Court (intensive judicial supervision for drug offenders, and those who are not motivated to complete ASAP) and UAB/SAP Prevention. Additional programs utilized outside the UAB system include the START Program in Jasper (female residential) and The Bridge in Gadsden (male residential). While there is a minimum of three months required for completion, program participation is open-ended because many of those enrolled move among program components.

Family Court has 3 case managers who work with the juveniles in Birmingham and Bessemer through the UAB TASC Program. The program operates from 8:00 am - 4:45 pm. Youth may leave their test between these times only. For more information please contact Coordinator at 205-325-5996.

Stephanie Galbreath – (205) 264-8164

Jefferson County Family Court 
120 2nd Ct. North, Birmingham AL 35204

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Phone Numbers:
Birmingham (205) 325-5996
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