Jefferson County, Alabama

Unidentified Persons


The following decedents represent cases that were investigated by the Jefferson County Coroner/Medical Examiner's Office but have not yet been positively identified.

If you have any information or leads pertaining to one of the unidentified persons listed, please contact the Jefferson County Coroner/Medical Examiner's Office at (205)-930-3603 to speak with a deputy coroner investigator.

This office utilizes the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) to assist with obtaining positive identification in these cases.  NamUs is a nationwide clearinghouse containing three databases of missing, unidentified, and unclaimed persons.  The NamUs database allows for a central location for law enforcement, coroners, and medical examiner offices to enter missing, unidentified, and unclaimed persons in an effort to resolve these cases, which have been described as the nations's silent mass disaster.  Unlike other government investigative databases that are not open for public access, the NamUs database is open to the public to search free of charge and assist families with the ability to search for their missing loved ones.  You can use the following link to access the NamUs database or you can click on the NamUS case number in one of the cases listed below.

JCCMEO #NamUs #Date FoundNameAgeRaceSex
Place Found
1981-0263UP1589503/25/1981UNKNOWN22-29BM6'1"201 Daniel Payne Drive, Birmingham, AL 35214
1987-0122UP1589301/17/1987UNKNOWN18-99BMunkwooded area near Weibel Drive, Fairfield, AL 35064
1988-0900UP1589206/03/1988UNKNOWN80-90BM5'6"2120 36th Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35207
1988-1710UP1586710/31/1988UNKNOWN17-24BM5'4"4800 block of Campbell Lane, Birmingham, AL 35207
1993-1258UP1586609/01/1993UNKNOWN35-50BM5'7"6200 block of E.J. Oliver Blvd, Fairfield, AL 35064
1997-1545UP1500111/01/1997UNKNOWN18-99BM5'8"744 41st Street North, Birmingham, AL 35202
1998-0266UP1499802/19/1988UNKNOWN60-100WF5'2"100 block of Kilsby Circle, Bessemer, AL 35022
1999-0291UP1499602/25/1999UNKNOWN20-50UM5'10"Ensley-Pleasant Grove Road, Birmingham, AL 35224
2000-1264UP1499510/18/2000UNKNOWN25-49AF5'5"1500 block Arthur Shores Drive, Birmingham, AL 35211
2001-0365UP1499203/22/2001UNKNOWN18-99BF5'8"1500 block of Pratt Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35214
2002-0382UP1446703/20/2002UNKNOWN20-50WM5'6"1400 block of Caraway Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35234
2002-0473UP1533804/12/2002UNKNOWN18-99UUunkmining road off of Blue Creek Road, Adger, AL 35006
2004-0815UP1446606/22/2004UNKNOWN17-30UM5'10"7512 3rd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35206
2004-1151UP1533209/05/2004UNKNOWN18-99BM5'8"US Hwy 280, Mountain Brook, AL 35213
2006-1286UP1416510/30/2006UNKNOWN18-99WM5'7"1624 18th Place North, Birmingham, AL 35204
2011-1106UP1534207/28/2011UNKNOWN18-99WFunk2325 10th Court South, Apt 10, Birmingham, AL 35205
2012-0300UP1533002/28/2012UNKNOWN18-99BMunk2900 block of Nail Road, Warrior, AL 35180
2012-1783UP1398712/23/2012UNKNOWN18-99UM5'9"160 Sunbelt Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35022
2013-0132UP1398601/24/2013UNKNOWN18-99UM5'6"wooded area near 1961 Alton Road, Irondale, AL 35210
2014-0498UP1398503/27/2014UNKNOWN18-99UF5'8"#95 3rd Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35204
2016-0657UP1499104/08/2016UNKNOWN20-60UMunk2011 Frankfort Drive, Birmingham, AL 35211
2018-4188UP5455012/03/2018UNKNOWN18-99UU5'4"3001 Portofino Drive, Birmingham, AL 35211
2019-1935UP5838905/30/2019UNKNOWN35-55WM5'10"1807 27th Street Ensley, Birmingham, AL 35218
03/07/2020UNKNOWN40-60WM5'6"6020 New Castle Road, Morris, AL 35116
2020-2972UP7242907/05/2020UNKNOWN60-70BM5'11"6321 2nd Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35212
2020-2981UP7243207/06/2020UNKNOWN30-50WM5'10"9000 Roebuck Blvd, Birmingham, AL 35206
12/21/2020UNKNOWN18-99UUunk600 block of Exeter Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35212