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Grease Control Food Services


Check out this new instructional video by our Environmental Services Department on how food service facilities should handle grease. There are many tips that could also be used as home as well.

When sewer lines become blocked due to fats, oils and grease in the system, it causes wastewater to back up and to overflow from manholes or building plumbing fixtures into storm drains, creeks or buildings. These overflows are referred to sanitary sewer overflows (SSO). SSOs violate the Clean Water Act and render Jefferson County subject to fines and other legal action. Investigations by Jefferson County Environmental Services Department have shown that grease is a major contributor to dry weather SSOs in the County.

When fats, oils and grease are disposed of directly into the sewer system it cools, solidifies and combines with other foreign materials in the sewer line. Over time this will restrict the flow through the pipes and in some cases completely block a sewer line.

In an effort to prevent these damaging and costly overflows, the Grease Control Program was developed and implemented in October 2006. The various components of the program include: food service facility inspections and permitting, apartment and multi-family residence awareness campaign and a free cooking oil recycling program. All of these combined efforts are intended to decrease the SSOs and to maintain the integrity of the sanitary sewer system county wide. This program is essential in supporting the County to meet all of the regulatory guidelines for the Clean Water Act, the EPA and ADEM’s water quality requirements and the terms of the 1996 Consent Decree.

Grease control program facilities hours of operation: Monday- Friday 8 am to 4 pm

205-238-3876 or

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