Jefferson County, Alabama

Employee Services


Employee Services 

The Employee Services Division is composed of three subdivisions.  The three subdivisions administer employee and retiree employment benefits, manage and maintain personnel records, and hiring.

The Employee Benefits team is responsible for administering valuable benefits to help employees and retirees to manage their health and protect their family/dependents.  

The Records Management team is responsible for updating personnel records, unemployment hearings, assisting with audits, and responding to requests for information such as subpoenas.

The Employment (Hiring) team is responsible for making new and promotional job offers following the results of the secondary selection process.  Hiring includes, but is not limited to, pre-employment background checks, drug screening, employment verification, salary negotiation, and confirming start dates.  In addition to hiring, this team process premiums, reassignments, transfers, emergency appointments, temporary appointments, provisional appointments, and executive exempt hires.