Jefferson County, Alabama

Personal Property Quick Reference


Quick Reference of Several Categories of Personal Property Subject To Taxation

General Information

  • Construction machinery and equipment.
  • Implements and tools of mechanics.
  • Office machines, cash registers, safes, office and store furniture and fixtures, computers, bookkeeping machines, teletypes, dictaphones and other recording or sending apparatus.
  • Machinery and equipment used in mines, quarries, manufacturing processing or compounding.
  • Printing presses, equipment and materials.
  • Steamboats, barges, wharf-boats, ferries and other vessels and watercraft of every name and kind.
  • Outboard motors.
  • Airplanes, airships, hot air balloons and other aircraft.
  • Radios, sending and receiving sets and appliances, television sets, and video cassette recorders and equipment:
  • Medical equipment and instruments.
  • Gasoline, oil and other tanks, pumps, filters, etc.
  • All other personal property not heretofore specified.

Provided by the Alabama Department of Revenue