Jefferson County, Alabama



Driver's License Information

If you already have a license and want to renew online you can do on the state website at ALEA.GOV.

Effective November 1, 2005, the Department of Public Safety is responsible for the original (first time) issuance of a Driver License and Non-Driver Identification

Every Alabama resident who operates any motor vehicle must have a valid driver's license. All applicants who have not been licensed in Alabama or whose Alabama license has been expired for over one year must pass the required driver's examination. An application should be made in your county of residence. Study guides for the driver's examination are available by clicking here and can be picked up in person at a Jefferson County Revenue Department location. (Study guides will not be mailed.)

Your driver's license must be renewed every four years. You may renew your license within 60 days of the expiration date on your current license. Renewals or replacements for lost licenses may be processed at any of the Jefferson County Revenue Department locations.

Alabama Driver Licenses may be renewed at any license issuing location throughout the State.

A resident of Alabama, who is out of the State temporarily, specifically in the military or in school, may have their Driver License’s renewed without a picture. When the licensee returns to the State they should have their picture made and a duplicate Driver License issued. These persons should contact the State by mail. The appropriate form is available here.

Learner’s Permits are issued at the Trooper’s Station.

Persons moving to Alabama will need to go to the Trooper’s Station to apply for an Alabama Driver License. They must surrender their out-of-state license in order to get an Alabama Driver License. Other rules may apply - you should contact the local Trooper Station. A person is granted 90 days to request a State of Alabama Driver’ license after moving into the State (Code of Alabama 32-6-10).

Commercial Drivers License testing is done at Bevill State Technical College. Until further notice, CDL renewals and replacements may only be performed by a Department of Public Safety Examiner.

All persons applying for a Driver License, a duplicate or a renewal will be asked if they want to register to vote and if they want to be an organ donor. All persons desiring to obtain a license must have their Social Security Number on file. The SSN will not appear on your license.

Apply for USDOT number

FAQ - DOT Requirements




 Class D (private passenger) purchase or renewal  $36.50
 Class D duplicate license  $31.50
 Class D Learner License  $36.50
 Non-Driver Identification Card purchase or renewal  $36.25
 Non-Driver Identification Card duplicate  $31.25
 Class A CDL (commercial drivers license) purchase or renewal  $66.50
 Class B CDL purchase or renewal  $56.50
 Class C CDL purchase or renewal  $36.50
 CDL Learner License  $36.50
 CDL duplicate license  $31.50
 Class M (motorcycle) purchase or renewal  $36.50
 Class M duplicate license  $31.50
 Class V (water vessel) purchase or renewal  $36.50
 Class V duplicate license  $31.50
 Out-of-State license transfers  $36.50