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General Information

It is with great pride that I serve the citizens of Jefferson County as Treasurer. Our office will dedicate this website to keep you informed and abreast of our duties, operations, and responsibilities. Our team is comprised of a Chief Accountant, Senior Accountant, Accountant, Accounting Assistant II and intermittent interns. The members of our team work diligently to satisfy one goal: safeguarding the tax dollars paid by Jefferson County citizens. We pursue the most prudent and safe investments to ensure growth. We seek to remain transparent regarding the accounts we access and use. We receipt and manage over 700 million dollars annually. This includes a daily investment portfolio of over 40 million dollars. Every day, the County’s cashflow is examined to guarantee the money is available to meet the needs of the County. All investments are either through the United States Treasury or United States Government backed securities. We comply with the Code of Alabama with respect to principal guarantee and redemption of monies. Safety, liquidity, and yielding a market rate of return on your money is our focus. We pay the County’s debts and employees. All checks are issued through our office by the Jefferson County Commission. -- Eyrika L. Parker

About The Treasurer

Eyrika L. Parker

Eyrika L. Parker is a lifelong Birmingham resident. She attended John Carroll Catholic High School where she graduated in 1992 and the University of South Alabama, finishing in 1998. She also attended Southern University Law Center, class of 2002. Parker has worked in the Jefferson County Circuit Clerk’s office, South Trust Bank, pharmaceutical litigation, elder care accounts manager and bookkeeper, executive producer of radio and television shows and co-host of Alabama’s oldest morning talk radio show. Parker was on the Jefferson County Mural Committee, Hopewell Revitalization Project, has prepared meals for local football and basketball teams, sponsored and committed to local breast cancer awareness events, sponsored local events for Sickle Cell Awareness Month, fed more than 100 families on a monthly basis through efforts to combat homelessness and hunger and obtained abandoned properties to put to good use for nonprofit organizations.
Written by Barnet Wright


Jefferson County Treasurer's Office
Room 300
Jefferson County Courthouse
Birmingham, AL 35203
Phone - (205) 325-5373
Fax - (205) 325-5978