Jefferson County, Alabama



General Information
The Jefferson County Purchasing Department is a division of the Jefferson County Finance Department. The Purchasing Department has the authority and responsibility to procure goods and services used by all County departments. This Department is charged with the responsibility of conducting the procurement functions in a legal, ethical and professional manner which results in the most efficient, economical and effective use of County funds.

To provide innovative, world class procurement services to the Jefferson County Commission, its constituency, and public entities in the State of Alabama; to be an example of public procurement excellence for government organizations across the U.S.

To conduct procurement activities in a legal, ethical and professional manner which results in the efficient, and effective use of County funds and provide value to the Commission and its constituency.

Direct Bid Solicitation


M. D. Matthews, C.P.M.
Purchasing Agent
Phone: (205) 325-1412
Fax: (205) 214-4034

Jefferson County Commission sponsors the Purchasing Association of Central Alabama (PACA) which is administered through the Purchasing Division. PACA is a cooperative of governmental entities by a mutual covenant agreement to conserve tax revenue through joint purchasing agreement to achieve volume discounts on material, services or equipment for economic advantages of its members. Membership is open to all public entities that are subject to the State of Alabama Competitive Bid Law (Code of Alabama § 41-16-50) within the State of Alabama.

Jefferson County Finance Department
Purchasing Division
Jefferson County Courthouse - Suite 830
716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North
Birmingham, AL 35203-0002

Maps & Directions:
Birmingham Courthouse

Phone Numbers:
Phone: (205) 325-5381
Fax: (205) 214-4034