Jefferson County, Alabama

Mental Health Unit


General Information
A community based counseling and outreach program provided by JBS Mental Health Authority for “at risk” children and adolescents who come to the attention of Jefferson County Family Courts.

Services available are:

§  Diagnostic and Evaluation Services

§  Crisis Intervention/Response

§  Mental Health Consultation

§  Psychiatric Assessment/Consultation

§  Medication Monitoring

§  Case Management/In Home Family Therapy

§  Individual/Family/Group Therapy (Outpatient)

§  Parent Advocacy and Support Services

§  Other Mental Health/Non-Mental Health Services


JBS staff is on site at Jefferson County Family Court to evaluate children for eligibility. Parents are directly involved in the evaluation process and the services offered are strictly voluntary and individually designed to meet the unique needs of the child/adolescent and family.

 Contact:Leslie Tyree  205-325-4893