Jefferson County, Alabama

Code Enforcement


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To report Criminal Dumping, call our hotline at (205) 582-6555


  • Enforcement of Jefferson County Ordinances and State of Alabama laws pertaining to Code Enforcement.
  • Inspect public and private property for violations of the Weed & Litter Ordinance, Zoning Ordinances and Criminal Littering law.
  • Investigate complaints of high grass/weeds, junk/salvage materials, trash & litter, improper land use, inoperable vehicles and illegal dumping.
  • Ensure that the public and unincorporated communities maintain compliance with Jefferson County ordinances and Alabama laws and regulations through effective enforcement.
  • Respond to citizen complaints that allege a violation of the ordinances, laws and regulations administrated by the Department of Development Services.
  • Resolve citizen complaints in a timely manner.
  • Administer enforcement of the ordinances and laws of Jefferson County in a appropriate, fair and unbiased manner.
  • Enforce complaints regarding property with high grass/weeds over 12”.
  • Enforce complaints regarding property with litter/trash/junk.
  • Enforce complaints regarding inoperable/junk vehicles in excess of the allowable one (1).
  • Enforce complaints regarding criminal littering/illegal dumping.
  • Enforce complaints regarding illegal uses of property.
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