Jefferson County, Alabama

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Public Notice: Public Awareness Session for a Proposed New Solid Waste Construction and Demolition Landfill
The Jefferson County Commission has received an application from Hilltop Recycling, LLC (Applicant) for a Landfill Solid
Waste permit for the construction of a new private construction and demolition waste landfill known as the Hilltop
Recycling Center sited in Jefferson County, Alabama. This public awareness session is being provided to the public to
offer general information and obtain comment per application requirements pursuant to Section 22-27-48 and
Section 22-27-48.1 of Code of Alabama regarding Local Governmental Approval for the Application.

The Jefferson County Commission formally received the Application at its October 22, 2020 meeting, and the public
comment period has opened for Jefferson County to consider to approve or disapprove the application.
Notice is hereby given that a public awareness session conducted by Hilltop Recycling , LLC will be held on December
7, 2020, at 5:30 PM in the Exhibition Hall Room at the Gardendale Civic Center located at 857 Main Street,
Gardendale, Alabama.

Any comments received at the public awareness session will be addressed within 14 working days following the
public awareness session.

This notice is hereby given this 4th day of November 2020, by Hilltop Recycling, LLC.