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Jefferson County Reaches Plea Agreement With Owner of Forestdale Property -- Can Now Enter Property To Put Out Fire

Jefferson County has reached a plea arrangement with the owner of the property in Forestdale that is burning underground. A hearing was held virtually this morning in front of Judge Katrina Ross with County Attorney Theo Lawson, the defendant Anthony Clark, his attorney Juandalyn Givan, and District Attorney Danny Carr. The defendant pleaded guilty to three counts in violation of section 45-37-170, which deals with the accumulation of litter,debris, and unregistered motor vehicles, etc. Under the law, the County can now go on the property and work to put the fire out with the defendant being responsible for the costs.

Without these guilty pleas,it is unlawful for the County to go on private property unless there is a declared state of emergency. 

The Jefferson County Department of Roads and Transportation is mobilizing and will begin work as soon as possible.