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The Jefferson County Commission today, in a specially called meeting, approved a new billing agreement with the Birmingham Water Works Board following months of negotiation.

The Birmingham Water Works Board has served as the billing agent for Jefferson County sewer customers for residents that are served by BWWB. These bills show both water charges and sewer charges. The sewer charges are based on the water usage for the same billing period.

Both organizations agreed that improvement and greater billing efficiency is needed and they agreed to examine the benefits and cost savings of implementing electronic automatic meters. A cost study will also be performed to examine the share of expenses for billing, collecting, and remitting sewer service charges.

The new agreement will take effect on January 1, 2024, and will supersede all previous agreements.

“It is always better when organizations work together and sit down and talk through the issues,” said Jefferson County Commission President Jimmie Stephens. “We appreciate the willingness of the Water Works Board to pass this agreement.”

“We believe this agreement benefits Jefferson County ratepayers by implementing cost saving measures such as the use of electronic meter readers (EMR) to reduce associated administrative fees,” said District 1Commissioner Lashunda Scales, who is chair of the Public Works Committee. “Citizens deserve to pay for actual billing and that is what this agreement has accomplished.”

About Jefferson County

Founded in 1819, Jefferson County is the most populated county in the State with more than 670,000 residents. It is governed by five commissioners elected from specific districts. Commission meetings are listed on the county website calendar at and can be watched live, along with all Planning and Zoning Board meetings. A video archive of those meetings is also available on our website.